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Admissions Process

Studying abroad is an exciting moment in a student’s life, however, there are important procedures which must be followed in order to study in the USA. Please review our admissions procedures below:

APPLICATION: when you decide to study at Liberty, you will need to submit some things to us, including…

    • …complete our admissions application online. Please send us by email…
      • A scanned copy of the photo page & bio pages of your passport
      • A scanned copy of your secondary school diploma and/or transcripts
      • Evidence of relationship to any/all F-2 dependents, such as…
        • …birth/adoption certificates and photo IDs for all children
        • …marriage certificate and photo ID for your spouse
      • Affidavit of Financial Support (converted to USD):
        • You must show bank statements (with amounts converted into USD). showing a minimum balance equal to or greater than the amount communicated to you by Liberty Institute personnel.
        • If you are paying for your own studies and the bank statements are in your name, no further information is required, however, if someone else is sponsoring your studies, you must also include:
          • …a scanned copy of photo ID of the sponsor
          • …a letter of sponsor support which must be signed by the sponsor
          • …contact information for the sponsor (name, email, phone number, mailing address)
    • At the end of the form, you will review our terms and conditions, and then submit your admissions application.
    • After submitting your admissions application, you will be redirected to take our placement test…
      • …the Grammar & Vocabulary test may be completed online at home at any time
      • …schedule a time to take the Oral test (over the phone or in person)
      • …you will receive an invoice for your first payment, which will include.
      • Out-of-Country Applicants & Change-of-Status Applicants: Registration Fee + First Month’s Tuition
      • In-Country Transfer: Registration Fee

DECISION: If you are accepted to Liberty, we will send you…

    • …an Acceptance Letter. Congratulations!
    • …digital access to our Student Handbook, which has lots of information including…
      • …an orientation to studying English at Liberty
      • …policies and procedures about studying at Liberty
      • …information on available student services (e.g., advising, etc.)
      • …information about our English Language Program curriculum
      • …information about adjusting to life in the USA
    • We will issue you a Form I-20, which will state a Program Start Date (you must report to school on this date)
      • If you are an Out-of-Country applicant, you will need to pay a mailing fee ($150) in order to have this document mailed to you, otherwise it will be mailed to your US address or you may pick it up from us at the school.

ESTABLISHING YOUR VISA STATUS: Once you’ve received your I-20, the next steps depend on if you’re already in the US or not:


  • Out-of-Country Applicants


      • You will pay a $350 I-901 fee by clicking here.
        • You only need to pay this fee for the F-1 student, (not any F-2 dependents).
        • It’s very important that you keep the receipt for your payment!
        • The SEVIS ID you provide for your I-901 fee must match the SEVIS ID found on your I-20.
      • You will complete a DS-160: Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application by applying online here. Contact us if you need help.
      • Access your Embassy or Consulate website, in order to schedule an interview and pay the $160 visa processing fee.
      • Students must bring required documents to their scheduled interview at the embassy or consulate, including:
        • Passport
        • I-20
        • Receipt for I-901 payment
        • Other supporting documents (e.g. those supporting the connection of dependents, etc.). Make sure you inquire with the embassy for a full list of the documents they will expect.
      • If your F-1 visa is approved, you must report to a US port of entry for a scheduled arrival in the US up to 30 days prior to the program start date.
      • Customs and Border Protection will review your visa and other documentation, and, if approved, issue an I-94 that will permit entry to the US and will be valid for the Duration of Status (i.e. you are permitted to remain in the US as long as you maintain your F-1 status)
      • We will invoice you for your second month’s tuition payment, which you must complete on or before your program start date.
      • You must report to Liberty on the start date shown on your I-20.




      • If you are transferring to Liberty from another school, you must request your transfer and be released from your previous school on their release date.
      • You may only be issued a new I-20 from Liberty after you have been released from their previous school.
      • You must contact a Liberty DSO staff member within 15 days of the program start date listed on their new I-20, and must report to class by that date.
      • You must make your first payment to Liberty 15 days prior to the program start date.
      • If you are transferring to Liberty from a different school after having entered the country but before reporting to the school that issued the original I-20, you must report to Liberty and begin studies within 30 days of entry into the country.




      • If you have a different class of nonimmigrant visa (e.g., J-1), or your F-1 visa status is terminated, you must follow these procedures:
      • You will pay a $200 I-901 fee by clicking here.
        • You only need to pay this fee for the F-1 student, (not any F-2 dependents).
        • It’s very important that you keep the receipt for your payment!
        • The SEVIS ID you provide for your I-901 fee must match the SEVIS ID found on your I-20.
      • You will file an I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. The form is available here.
        • The I-539 application has a filing fee of $370, and…
        • …an $85 biometric fee per applicant (i.e., the F-1 student and all F-2 dependents)
        • Instructions for the I-539 form are here.
      • Once your I-539 form is reviewed and approved by USCIS, you will receive your official program start date.
      • Students make their first payment to Liberty when registering


Please contact us if you need more information or help with your application (info@libertylanguageacademy.com). We hope to see you soon!

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