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There are many options when it comes to finding a place to stay in Orlando: renting a room, apartment or house, hotels and vacation homes for short stays, and homestay. Orlando has many distinct areas with their own characteristics. If you plan on studying with us for short term or long term, are coming by your self or with family, we can help you with finding a place to stay.


Homestay is a great option for students coming alone who wish to stay with an american family in order to have an american experience. Host families are carefully screened and selected in order to ensure the safety and well-being of students during their stay. Prices vary from $270 – $300 a week and includes breakfast and dinner. Transportation to the school and back can be added. An application fee is also charged in order to process application and place students with their host families.

Please fill out the application for if interested in receiving more information about homestay in Orlando.

link to application form

For short term vacation rentals and hotels, we advice you to search online for the best prices. We do recommend some places: Vista Cay Resort, The Point Orlando, Summerville Resort, etc.

If you are looking to lease a room, apartment or a house, we can refer you to a realtor, who can help you find a nice place to stay according to your specifications. email us at info@libertylanguageacademy.