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Intensive English Program

Our program focuses on quality and is ideal for those who want to learn English here in Orlando. Each module has a 10 week duration and happens from Monday to Thursday (4 days a week).

In English, just like in sports or music, practice is essential for you to develop your skills. Our methodology focuses on practicing the 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) stimulating critical thinking with relevant topics and raising student confidence and language proficiency. We use the communicative approach, in which the use of the language is emphasized. Our goal is to promote the language through communicative activities, using real-life situations which creates a need for communication.



Program Intensive
English Program
Semi-IntensiveEnglish Program
Students For international students who come to study on a student Visa (F1) For tourists and locals who prefer a shorter duration and flexible schedule.l
Hours 18h a week, from Monday to Thursday, 4.5 hours a day 12h a week, from Monday to Thursday, 3 hours a day
Morning 8:45am -1:15pm 8:45am – 11:45pm
Afternoon 1:30pm – 6:00pm 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Evening 6:15pm – 10:45pm 6:15pm – 9:15pm


RESOURCES: Liberty courses have internet, interactive touch screen boards, an online portal with extra practice exercises, books and workbooks from internationally known editors.

LEVELLING: We need to assess each student’s English level in order to offer the most adequate class for the student.  The procedure includes doing an online test and an interview with our academic coordinator.


*Each level has a duration of 2 modules of 10 weeks each, except for Master 2, which has 4 modules of 10 weeks. Our complete curriculum has a total of 160 weeks.


Elementary English 1, 2 and 3

In the end of our Elementary English course, students will be able to communicate in work and leisure situations and produce simple texts in their area of interest. They’ll be able to describe experiences and events, talk about their dreams and future ambitions as well as give their opinions and explain various topics.

Fluent English 1 and 2

In the end of our Fluent English course, students will be able to communicate in English with native and non-native speakers, fluently and spontaneously. They´ll be able to comprehend and write complex texts of various nature and topics.

Master English 1 and 2

In the end of our Master English course, students will be able to comfortably communicate with fluency and spontaneity in informal and formal situations, as well as read texts from various genres.

* Each level is composed of two 10 week module, with the exception of Master 2, which has four 10 week modules.

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